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The European paper industry has come to an agreement on uniform grade classifications. You will find a list of the individual groups and their subitems below.

1.06.01Illustrated pre-consumer material without glue
1.07Telephone directories with and without glue, fully coloured possible, used or new
1.08Newspapers (at least 50%) and magazines, mixed
1.09Newspapers (at least 60% and magazines, mixed
1.10Magazines (at least 60%) and newspapers, mixed
2.02.01ZNewspapers, pre-consumer, without flexo printing
2.02Printed chips with light proof print, with glue
2.07Book print, wood-free or containing wood, with or without glue
2.08Supplements, largely wood-free
2.10Cup board, PE-coated, wood-free
2.11Unbleached cardboard, PE-coated
2.12Recycling, endless, containing wood
3.01Wood-free, wood-containing proof printed chips, fully coloured material allowed
3.02Largely wood-free proof printed chips, fully coloured portion allowed
3.03Wood-free bookbinding chips with light proof print and glue
3.06Wood-free forms, printed
3.07Wood-free endless forms without NCR, without glue
3.08Sulphate cardboard with surface printing, without PE, without glue
3.09Sulphate cardboard with light proof print, without PE, without glue
3.10Wood-free multi-print
3.14Newspaper web press
3.15Newspaper web press and illurotation, mixed
3.17Largely uncoated wood-free white chips without glue
3.19Sulphate cardboard without proof print, without PE, without glue
4.01.01nnew Kraft corrugated cardboard
4.01.02new corrugated cardboard
4.02Used Kraft corrugated cardboard W62
4.04GUsed Kraft bags
4.04.01GUsed Kraft bags, plastic-coated
4.05Unused Kraft bags
4.05.01Unused Kraft bags, plastic-coated
4.06Used Kraft paper
5.02Mixed packaging materials of all kinds, without newspapers and magazines
5.03Drink cartons
5.04Kraft packing paper, used
5.05Wet strength labels, used
5.06Wood-free, white, wet strength, without proof print
5.07Wood-free, white, wet strength, with proof print

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